Wild Friday nights

Remember when your wild Friday nights didn’t really begin until 9 pm? Now I can barely stay awake beyond that point. I thought I would miss that way more than I do now. Don’t get me wrong, I love a girls night out without my kids climbing up my legs, or a date night with my husband full of delicious beverages and uninterrupted conversation – but I’m currently in this place where I really genuinely enjoy the calm and quiet of Friday nights that are littered with episodes of Boss Baby, trampoline jumps until the sun sets, & these three sisters that have zero cares in the world. It turns out contentment for me came painfully, but it poured out all kinds of fruit when it arrived & my mama heart is crazy grateful.

Every other Friday night Ky is working, so our activities fluctuate. Last night we got crazy with a fossil dig kit & a couple of kits to dig for shark teeth, while I sipped on ice water that I secretly wished was sangria (counting the days for this babies debut). Here’s what I’ll say. Those “digs” were the best 3 bucks I’ve ever spent at target. Oh AND, I walked out of Target with 3 of those and nothing else. NOTHING, GUYS. Where’s my award?



It took the girls a good hour with their kits to get all of the items out, although it could’ve very well occupied them for at least another 30 minutes, but it turns out these kinds of activities really shine a light on the true personalities of each of your kids. Lol

Anabella is by far our most impatient – instant gratification child. She strives for perfection every time, and if there’s a “faster way” to get the right answer or results – she will find it. After about an hour she came inside (they eventually moved themselves out back) and said “Well, that was taking way too long so I threw mine against the concrete and it broke into a bunch of pieces. Look at my shark tooth!” lol

But all in all, WORTH IT. And in a really cool way, it forced me to just sit with them and watch them each get into it. There were at least 4 baskets of clean laundry, and two dirty bedrooms upstairs calling my name, but whatever…they’ll be there tomorrow too, right?

The rest of the night was spent inhaling the popsicles we threw together earlier in the afternoon ( which I included the recipe and directions for below – crazy simple) and jumping their little hearts out until the sunset came and we climbed the stairs to our beds.

I’ve said it so many times before, I’m not the “get on the floor and play barbies with the kids” kind of mom, and for a season I saw that as a shortcoming in my DNA, then in other seasons I decided I would just stand firm in it and “be ok with who I am”. In this season, I think I’m learning the right place is actually somewhere in the middle. Where are the places of imagination and adventure that I CAN meet them in, and what does it look like to create more flexibility in my motherhood for the sake of loving on each of their little hearts better? Because if nothing else, this season has shown me that these little girls will grow, and eventually they will stop asking me to spend time with them & I refuse to not cultivate the natural bond now, no matter how much it pushes me outside of my “comfort zone”. Ya know?



Raspberry – Banana – Honey Pops


  • one cup of raspberries
  • two bananas
  • one teaspoon of honey (we used one we have with a hint of avocado)
  • one cup of ice & a quarter cup of water (sometimes I use a splash of La Croix)


Guys, this is so simple! Again, you’ll never find me claiming to be some kitchen master! lol


Throw all your ingredients into your blender, blend, and then pour them on your mold. That’s it! I add raw raspberry chunks into the mold before I pour the mixture in, and then they freeze for 2-3 hours!

The girls love these! And the bananas give them a yogurt pop texture verses the more traditional popsicle feeling. I threw on a handful of fruit to make the plate prettier for the photo, but of course one of these sisters ate every single one of them with her pop (like I knew she would).

Simple smoothies and popsicle recipes are hands down one of my favorite “desserts” to do around here, for the obvious reasons, but especially during summer weather!


Enjoy guys! And happy weekending!


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