Kitchen “before and after”

Alright, so I know that I’m like 3 months late to finally getting this up here…but better late than never right? I say yes. We’ve had a lot of people inquire about what our kitchen looked like when we first moved in, and as I prepped for this blog post I realized I didn’t take any photos before we began ripping off wallpaper and painting cupboards!  So I had to find the old listing online & even I was sort of in shock at how much work we’ve done over the last three years. I forgot how dark it felt when we first moved in. BUT it made me love how light and airy it is now even more. Also shout out to my husband for taking all my ideas and making them happen. Let me begin by introducing you to the wallpaper that almost made me want to turn around and walk out. Close up it was a picture of some sort of French country picnic situation, and not only was it awful – but it covered the entire kitchen, besides the walls that were painted bright red. Originally this room was designed to be the “living room”, which from the second we walked into the house we knew was not an option. The little cove where we placed the bar was actually originally intended for a tv console – so strange to me, but luckily I was able to see beyond all the weird quirks of this house. Another thing I knew right away wouldn’t stay were the shutters that were set up to separate the “living room” and “formal dining area”. I was really adamant about having a space that flowed really well for us, not just in our everyday life with kids – but also in the times that we would entertain and have family parties. Kyle and I both really love to host and have people over, so that was something we were always thinking about in every house we looked at. Did the space work well for running children, family dinners, and any kind of party we may want to throw? And this one really fit the bill in every way, and had so many qualities that we absolutely loved – we just knew we had to hold onto our long term vision.  Once everything went through with the house and we had the keys, we moved in and hit the ground running on the kitchen. Ripped the shutters out, tore the ugly green window treatments down, handled the wallpaper, and painted. Second shout out to Kyle’s sister who literally helped me scrape wallpaper off with her fingernails. This introductory task made me have so much respect for people who renovate houses on the regular. AND – I love love love a good wallpaper, but this kitchen scarred me, so I’m not sure I’ll ever take the plunge on any. The kitchen didn’t come with an island – I’m guessing because of how the builders intended this space to be used, but on Island was on my “must have” list so we purchased this one along with the stools and our dining table at IKEA and it’s been a dream for three years. They all have! The rug that lives underneath the island was an accidental addition. It was originally purchased for a client who didn’t like it, and was unable to be returned so I had to buy it – and it ended up being the perfect incorporation to this little scene.

**(The table is no longer online, otherwise I would’ve attached the link – Sorry!)Taking the shutters down was one of the simplest and most effective moves we made. The wall is still there, but it really just serves as a great place for the couch to sit against – and in general the cozy vibes flow so perfectly between the two rooms now & we love it! My biggest objective here was to create an open, cohesive space that also gave off an invitation to unwind and connect. We’ve worked non stop for the last 3 years, but we are so happy with this little environment that we’ve set up for our family. The bar! Insert heart eyes here. A lot of people have asked if we had it built for the spot, but we just got super lucky is the truth. We searched high and low for one that looked how we wanted, had the space we wanted, and had doors that could shut – because children. We stumbled upon this Metal Bexley Bar Cart with the really great cage style doors via World Market & it fit like a glove & survived the baby season of Magnolia – who was a serious force.

We didn’t get our kitchen hardware until this last February! Partially because I was going back and forth between a couple of styles, and partially because hardware has the ability to cost you an arm and a leg – and I just refused. I’m all for splurging on really great, game changing items – but if I can find a diamond in the rough or a really great deal, I MUCH prefer that. It’s almost like a really fun game for me, and plus it makes my husband want to stay married to me. So – WIN/WIN. I started out pining after these really great gold knobs and handles from Anthro & for at least a year was convinced there was nothing I would love more, but eventually stumbled upon these babes (the ones we actually bought) from Amazon of all places! The knobs as well! And they were all a fraction of the price that I would’ve spent on the pieces from Anthro. Our countertops aren’t anything magical, they’re the white tile that was put in with the house & truth be told – I hate them, specifically the grout. BUT for now, they serve their purpose and match the kitchen well enough! Eventually, I’m hoping to throw down some concrete countertops, but I’m in no rush. Our kitchen has come SO far, and after three years it’s time to start working on the upstairs more anyway.

Here’s the sad news: we don’t know the names of the blue paint we chose for the cupboards, or the paint we put on the walls. (face palm) BUT – I am not giving up, I’ll figure it out and update it for all of you that have asked!


Have a great week guys! Cheers to creating spaces that make us feel all the feels.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen “before and after”

  1. Love, love, love this transformation, Nadine! It’s so clean and peaceful. Excellent job! So, you painted the existing cupboards? If so, how hard was that process? Ours are dark, and I’d eventually like to paint them white, if it’s doable. Thanks! ♥️


    1. Thanks girl!! The cupboards were a process, I won’t lie. BUT we didn’t paint the entire things, just “re-faced” them. So if you open them, the inside is brown. Eventually we may paint the interior, but we didn’t see the need when we were tackling them. You could totally do it! I would just recommend choosing hardware ASAP, because ours have a lot of chips now from fingernails. Haha


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