Momtog Mentors

That Saturday granted us some first tastes of fall, and the fog came down and hugged us with its damp disposition. It was pure beauty, truly, and it added so much magic to the mood of the day.

Walking into Jen’s cozy abode, we were greeted by her bare feet and sweet smile as she encouraged us to toss our shoes to the side and make ourselves at home – I was already hooked. Environments and spaces are my love language, and Jen authentically

created a space for her gathering that not only made us feel welcomed, but her quirky personality bridged the gap between drastically different women and brought them to a beautiful place of common ground.

After taking a few steps into her home, it was clear that Jen had poured her heart into more than one aspect of this class. From the home made chili and cornbread, the apple pie, the infused water and bottles of wine, and the dining room set up for the lunch gathering that would kick off the Momtog Mentors session. It’s spewed charm and invited loads of laughter.

The next few hours were simple and sweet and yet stuffed with love and an abundance of information, especially for those of us who were hardcore beginners. (Hi, that’s me) We all piled ourselves onto the couches in her living room while Jen walked through the basics of aperture, ISO, lighting, lenses, composition, framing, etc. To the naked eye it would be easy to feel like the information shared was minimal, but sitting in the class and taking in Jen’s knowledge coupled with her deep passion, you quickly felt overwhelmed by how much you don’t know and yet you’re totally on fire to figure it out and become the next Annie Leibovitz.

Three hours passed much quicker than I had anticipated & Jen announced class was over while she nibbled on her apple pie. We spent some time picking her brain, booking sessions for her to shoot family photos, and on our merry way we went with our adorable gift bags in tow. Hands down it was an event I will attend multiple times, and will recommend to every woman I know – mama or not! Jen will encourage you, challenge you, and infect you with her passion – pinky promise.

|| Interested in attending a Momtog class, hiring Jen to do your family photos, or just taking in her Instagram feed on a daily basis? Here’s all the links to do all the things!

Jen’s photography site:

Momtog Mentors:



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